We all have a Powerfuff Girl within, and now the iconic cartoon is finally more representative. The fourth Powerpuff Girl is black and she’s voiced by the multitalented South African musician, Toya Delazy. The highly anticipated announcement of the fourth Powerpuff Girl couldn’t have been more satisfying. And the wait was certainly worth it:

We are super proud of our very own Toya Delazy – obviously the perfect person for the job. She certainly seems to be thrilled at the news and was quoted as saying:

“I have always dreamed of being the voice of a cartoon character… Never did I think I would be recording a voice for Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls though!”

Artists from all over the world sent through artworks inspired by their inner Powerpuff Girls to Cartoon Network and the images are incredible. You can have a look at the gallery of Powerpuff-inspired designs from fans of all walks of life. The Powerpuff Girls: Power of Four starts this month in the USA and we cannot wait to relive our childhoods.

Watch Delazy killing it in her 2016 version of the Powerpuff Girls theme song localised and reimagined: