Ed Westwick was one of the leads of the hit TV series Gossip Girl, that ran from 2007 and 2012. The actor has been accused of rape by two women; both allegations being denied by the actor. On 7 November, actor Kristina Cohen came forward and accused Ed of raping her, she posted a heartfelt letter on Facebook:

The last month has been incredibly difficult. Like so many women I too have a story of sexual assault, and the…

Posted by Kristina Cohen on Monday, 6 November 2017


Ed denied the accusation, by turning to Twitter, posting this Note to deny the accusation made by Kristina:



Only a day later, another woman came forward with an allegation of rape against Ed. Much like Kristina, Aurélie Wynn posted about her alleged ordeal on Facebook:



The actor has denied both allegations via twitter:



According to Time, Kristina has lodged an official complaint with the Los Angeles Police Department, who are currently investigating the allegation. On Twitter however, people spoke out about their confusion as to why she did not name the producer involved in the incident.

Others remain impartial, waiting for further evidence to emerge before pointing a finger at anyone.