If you were itching to get your hands on an ugly T-shirt emblazoned with possibly stolen intellectual property and a screenprint of a Kylie Jenner Instagram, you’ve missed your chance. A lineup of vintage tees featuring Kylie and Kendall superimposed over Tupac, Biggie, and Ozzy Osbourne—each of which sold for $125—was recently pulled from the sisters’ web store because apparently everyone hated them, including the estates of Biggie and Ozzy.

Kendall and Kylie are getting sued for the tees, reports The Fashion Law. Photographer Michael Miller filed a copyright lawsuit against the Jenners for using two photos of Tupac Shakur that he holds the copyright to. No response from the Jenners yet on this latest development.

Perhaps it was an attempt to tap into some of the appropriation mojo that’s been swirling around the fashion industry of late, but when you’re known mostly for being a face splashed all over social media—rather than, say, a bona fide creative—appropriation is always going to be a hard sell. Basically what you end up with is the sartorial version of a tone-deaf Pepsi commercial. Or maybe a Vogue India 10th anniversary cover. Either way, you’re going to get some backlash, especially from the people who actually have a connection to said musical legends:


The sisters have removed the tees from their website and issued an apology:

By Scott Christian, via Marie Claire USA