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Zuma Ditches 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence Launch
16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence are among the most important days to observe in South Africa, especially because of the extremely high rates of violence against women in the country. President Zuma was scheduled to launch a 16 Days campaign in Port Elizabeth on Saturday 25 November; but after it became clear that attendance for his appearance would be low, he decided to stay away, and sent the Minister of Women in the Presidency instead. Perhaps it was for the best. Zuma addressing a crowd about gender-based violence seems rather ironic.

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Pay Gap In Soccer Is Worse Than Politics, Medicine Or Business
In a recent salary survey, it was found that around the world, the pay gap in soccer is worse than in politics, medicine, business; as well as specialised sciences like space programmes. It was found that on average the combined salaries of women playing in the top seven leagues equals the pay of one single male soccer player. In 2018 Neymar, the famed Brazillian soccer player will earn more than 1693 female soccer players in Australia, England, Germany, France, Mexico, Sweden and the United States combined. It is clear we need to revaluate what top players are worth and what we are enabling.

In A Massive Operation, 40 Traffickers Arrested And Hundreds Of Children Saved
In a massive operation led by Interpol, police in five African countries arrested 40 human traffickers and rescued hundreds of minors. The minors were rescued in Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal and the perpetrators will face charges of human trafficking and child exploitation in those respective countries.

The iconic singer made a ridiculous amount of money in 2017
You could have guessed it, but Beyoncé is 2017’s top earner, according to Forbes. By just how much you ask? That would be a whopping US$ 105 million. Don’t feel too bad for the other A-lister women in the music industry though. Adele came in at second place with a cool US$ 69 million, Taylor Swift in third at US$ 44 million, Celine Dion next at US$ 42 million and Jennifer Lopez with US$38 million.

Special mention: coming in at number five, a woman almost double the age of the rest; the incomparable Ms Dolly Parton who earned an massive US$ 37 million!



Nine Women Who Survived Brutal Acid Attacks Become Models in Haute Couture Show
In an incredible demonstration of survival and strength, nine women – all victims of acid attacks – walked in haute couture at a fashion show in India, wearing gowns by top Indian designers like Rohit Bal and Archana Kochhar. These women are almost all survivors of attacks at the hands of their partners or close family members.

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