According to News24, a 20-year-old model claimed to have been beaten up with an extension cord by Zimbabwean First Lady Grace Mugabe in Sandton on Sunday. Gabriella Engels was socialising with Mugabe’s sons on Saturday in Sandton when she was asked by a bodyguard to wait in a separate room.

The model claims that when Grace Mugabe walked in, she started assaulting her with an extension cord: ‘She flipped and just kept beating me with the plug… I needed to crawl out of the room before I could run away… Her 10 bodyguards just stood there watching, no-one did anything, no-one tried to help me.’

The model has since posted pictures of her injuries on social media and opened a case of assault. Grace Mugabe apparently accused the model of living with her sons. According to IOL, Mugabe’s sons Robert Jr and Chatunga Bellarmine were recently evicted from their Rivonia residence after being involved in a drunken fight, causing injuries to a security guard.

Grace Mugabe may face prosecution as diplomatic immunity does not apply. Mugabe was visiting South Africa in order to receive medical treatment for her foot. According to spokesperson of the Department of International Relations Clayson Monyela, ‘She needs to be here on official business. It won’t apply if she’s here on holiday or for something else.’

While powerful people rarely feel the full extent of the law, we hope that this alleged assault will see justice.