On 26 October, the world will see the unveiling of them – a next generation brand and community platform aimed at today’s LGBTQ community and headed up by Teen Vogue’s digital editorial director. The new site was announced on Wednesday and the digital platform will cover a range of stories and voices in pop culture, style, politics and news.

Partners of the new platform include big names like Burberry, Google, Lyft and GLAAD. The person in charge of content for them is Phillip Picardi of the groundbreaking Teen Vogue. Picardi has the following to say about the launch:

“There is a cultural revolution happening that is — as always — spearheaded by young people who believe in fighting for equality, and we want to create a space that’s reflective of this moment… We’re excited to showcase the voices and perspectives of people in the community, and prove through our storytelling that, by celebrating them, we’re really celebrating all of us.”

Inspiration for the brand comes from Gen Z and its influence on culture: “60% of Gen Z consumers support brands that take a stand on issues they believe in personally, and more than half of Gen Z identifies as queer, making equality a high priority for the population.”

There is no doubt that them is gonna be lit.

So ready.