A non-men-only music festival will take place in Sweden next year, following multiple rape and sexual assault reports at the country’s largest music festival this year. Creating a safe space for women to revel, drink and dance without being subjected to abuse has become the mission of Swedish radio presenter, Emma Knyckare.

According to Refinery29, the largest Swedish festival, Bråvalla, cancelled next year’s festival after four rapes and 23 sexual assaults were reported at the festival this year. Comedian Emma Knyckare suggested banning all men from music festivals until they “learn how to behave“. She tweeted her suggestion and it gained enough support for her to make it happen:

“What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome, that we’ll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?”

Knyckare is now planning Sweden’s first man-free music festival for 2018. Rape and sexual assault incidents are rife at festivals all over the world, and we hope to see more organisers take as bold a stand in creating safe spaces as this Swedish community.