The brains behind Statistics South Africa are usually busy keeping us informed on things like unemployment, crime, and how inflation is affecting the price of meat. Somewhere in between all of that, some thoughtful statisticians decided to use their brainpower to help the nation with another everyday challenge: romance, and where to find it.

They created nifty maps of South Africa’s three major cities that show where single men and women are concentrated (they counted the widowed, separated, divorced and people who have never married). The maps were a perfectly timed Valentine’s Day reminder that although it may not seem like it, there are lots of other single people out there, possibly in a neighbourhood near yours.

The statisticians also showcased their funny sides in their explanation of the statistical magic:

‘From left field in the realm of dating advice enter the statisticians, who combine data and geography to show you where you can look for love.

‘Surprised? Well, consider the fact that Stats SA has marital status data for individuals on a street-block level, from the last population census1. Mix these data up in a cauldron of computer software and add some nifty analysis (the details are not important here; finding your love is) and voilà: maps of our three largest cities showing where the unmarried are.’

So where should you look for love? 

The first bit of good news for those looking for a man is that in all three cites there are more single men than women, especially in Joburg.

If you’re in Joburg, some of the suburbs that have higher concentrations of unmarried women than men are Meredale, Cottesloe, Melrose, Robin Hills and Rossmore. And if you’re looking for a man, then try Droste Park, George Goch, Denver and Riverbend AH.

If you’re in Cape Town, single women are concentrated Bosonia, Bellville West, Springbokpark, and Mouille Point. And there are more single men than women in Harbour Island, Weltevreden Valley North and Bellville Central.

And if you’re in Durban, women are in higher numbers in Prestondale, Doon Heights, Fields Hills and Umlazi Y. And those looking for an unmarried man should head for Summerveld, KwaMashu A, and Umshinini.

Now we know where to start looking for love!