Earlier in November, Jayde Panayiotou’s murderer was brought to justice, and on 24 November, he received his sentencing: Christopher Panayiotou will spend his life in prison. He was found guilty of orchestrating her murder, which took place in 2015. Jayde’s body was found in a field in Uitenhage and it was revealed that she was kidnapped by three men, shot and left for dead. Christopher, along with the men he hired to carry out the murder, were all found guilty by Judge Dayalin Chetty in the Port Elizabeth High Court on 2 November.

According to News24, Jayde’s family and friends applauded as the sentence was read out, but very soon after began crying. It’s been a long and emotional road for those mourning Jayde, and although the wounds are still raw, today her family, friends and supporters can close a chapter, as justice will now be carried out.

In closing, Judge Chetty called Christopher out on not only his despicable crimes, but also his audacious attempts to pretend to be the mourning husband before and throughout the trial, stating that his behaviour shows clearly that he has no remorse for what he has done. As for the other men involved, Judge Chetty determined that their sole motivation was the money they were given in exchange for murdering Jayde.

Christopher’s defence has since stated that they will appeal the murder conviction. The appeal has been scheduled for 13 December.