Revered, celebrated or influential men manage to retain our nostalgic affections despite being predators or alleged predators. Musician, producer and 90s icon R Kelly has been accused of sexually assaulting over two dozen underage girls, some of whom he worked with (most famously, singer Aaliyah). He has also been tried in court on charges of child pornography (for which he was acquitted).

This week, new accusations have surfaced that R Kelly is holding six women borderline captive in houses, with control over their “diets, clothing and sexual encounters.” In what has been reported as an abusive cult, some of the parents are now claiming that their daughters have been brainwashed by R. Kelly. He is looking to clear his name. This long track record has failed to tarnish Kelly’s career, or prevent people from listening to his music and celebrating him.

While there’s visceral honesty in this tweet, it shouldn’t be funny:

Powerful men in our society, from priests to presidents, have maintained their positions and social statuses for too long despite their abuse of women. The patriarchy will survive you taking R. Kelly off your braai playlist. It’s time we stop allowing men to get away with abuse, at every level.