The music video of a catchy Saudi pop song Hwages, directed by Majed Alesa, was released late last year and has gone viral with over 4 million views. Heralded as the new feminist anthem, the colourful video features women in niqabs skateboarding, playing basketball and participating in traditionally ‘masculine’ activities.

Additionally, Hwages touches on the political side of things by including brief snippets of new US President, Donald Trump, and the men that protect him. Hwages (English for ‘concerns’) is a pop rendition of an old folk song, and features lyrics such as ‘men make us mentally ill’ and ‘may men go extinct, they caused us psychiatric diseases’.

Interestingly, the video is set in a country where women are banned from driving, which is why it has made such a bold, controversial statement by not only including women driving in the video, but also depicting them as having fun while doing so.

‘Not since Pussy Riot’s Straight Outta Vagina has a music video made us want to dance our brains out and smash the patriarchy all at once,’ writes Huffington Post’s Priscilla Frank. ‘Whoever invents a dance move that can accomplish both, please alert us right away. Thanks.’