Not only will Saudi women be able to legally drive by June this year, there is also a clear attempt to give women the chance to buy and own cars. Saudi Arabia recently hosted its first-ever car exhibition aimed solely at women.

According to The Guardian, a car show held in Le Mall in Jeddah specifically focused on promoting fuel-efficient and economical cars, and the private company that hosted the event provided saleswomen to assist their new target market. With recent hikes in fuel prices and rise in living costs in Saudi Arabia, this might well come in handy.

Last year appears to have been the beginning of many changes for women in Saudi after King Salman announced a lift on the ban of women drivers in September, which restricted women’s mobility and came to represent their oppression in the conservative society. What followed the lift on this ban was King Salman making it legal for women to attend football matches (in a select few stadiums).

This means, very soon, thousands of Saudi women will LEGALLY be able to drive themselves to football matches in cars they bought and own themselves. And we’re here for it.

Since the groundbreaking announcement, many auto companies have rushed to reach out to their new potential market, but none were as swift as Ford. How clever is this ad?