With the preparations of the SONA underway, South African comedian Trevor Noah couldn’t help but take a dip at President Jacob Zuma. As criticism and outrage over the SONA military deployment mounts, the Daily Show host tweeted the below:

While most people found the tweet hilarious, some found it disrespectful and others just didn’t get the joke at all. If you’re one of those people who still don’t get it (no judgies): The tweet is funny because South Africa has only had 3 democratically elected presidents which means that President Zuma is by DEFAULT in the top 3. Very clever, Trevor!😂

This is not the first time that the comedian has taken a swipe at the President, or any other political figures for that matter. We appreciate Trevor’s ability to find the balance between political commentary while still being funny AF while doing so.

See more commentary on Jacob Zuma by Trevor Noah:

Via Cosmopolitan SA