Tony Gum, one of Cape Town’s most prominent creatives, has won the 2017 Miami Beach Pulse Prize for her exhibition titled ‘Ode to She’.

Tony is known for her striking self-portraits, which blend traditional and pop-culture elements. Her exhibition, which was showing at the Pulse Art Fair in Miami, consisted of five large portraits, each one expressing what it means to be a Xhosa woman in a contemporary world.


Tony’s entire image has been carefully curated, reflecting a vast array of references from international and local pop culture, and she continually sources inspiration from social media, film and fashion.

She is also co-founder of The Local Collective, where you’ll find videos on everything from travel to fashion. Tony has taken the world by storm in the past two years. Back in 2015, named her one of the coolest people in Cape Town, and, more recently, Okay Africa included her in its list of the top 100 African women making an impact on the continent. No small feat at only 22 years old!