On Valentine’s Day, renowned cultural writer and activist Michaela Angela Davis and Dabo Ché, a creative and writer, launched a powerful image platform ‘capturing Black Love and the countless interpretations of it through our lens’.

A celebration of black love, the campaign – titled Black Love Power – engages with the mainstream media that often excludes images of people of colour in affectionate embrace.

On its website, Black Love Power put out a call for images that represent interpretations of black love. The online gallery of photos was exhibited on Valentine’s Day, when the founders of the site took over Black Voices’ Instagram account.

Already with thousands of Instagram followers and a wide network of black photographers, Michaela says in a report, ‘Black is big, generous and mystical. Love is the most transformative energy there is. Power is what all people want. So Black Love Power, for me, is a reinforcement of who we are, what we’re made of and what we have.

‘In this political climate and always, it is a radical act, an act of resistance even, for black folks to love each other boldly, out in the open, repetitiously.’