How did photographer, Albert Pocej, come up with the idea to ‘explore the female orgasm through a photography experiment’?

‘I dreamed about it. I simply woke up and I knew I just had to do it,’ he says.

As one could imagine, getting women to sign on to the project was the biggest hurdle: ‘Finding the models was the most difficult part. I started to write to everybody . The answers I got were mostly two kinds: “I don’t have enough courage” and silence.’

Pocej originally found 20 women who were willing to be photographed, but five backed out after finding out the project would not be acting, or that they could not relax enough during the shoot.

The big question: How did the models reach orgasm?

‘Sometimes I used time lapse photography, making a picture every second automatically while I was nowhere around – this helped the models to relax. Some of the women didn’t need it and there were moments when the shot was taken manually by me.’

The photos are raw, and empowering. A woman in the moment of ‘reaching the highest point of physical pleasure’ is definitely something to behold.

‘Every human being is different,’ says Pocej, ‘and so are their orgasms.’

All images by Albert Pocej. 

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