When you hear the words ‘Princess Diana’ and ‘White House’, you might think of Lady Di dancing with John Travolta at then-President Reagan’s White House gala in 1985. Dressed in black velvet and diamonds, the iconic royal reportedly asked First Lady Nancy Reagan to arrange the dance, and in pictures, the result is pretty dazzling: the princess spins out on the arm of the movie star, and he beams at her as a photographer captures her gown mid-twirl. Basically, it’s all your wildest actual-royalty-meets-American-political-royalty-meets-Hollywood-royalty dreams come true.

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What’s less known is that the late Diana also had connections to a different White House administration: Donald Trump’s. Back in the mid-1990s, long before he was President, Trump apparently had quite a thing for Diana – which led to a series of bizarre and complicated news items that made headlines all over the world.

Here, a timeline of how a tycoon tried to seduce a princess.

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