Converse are paying tribute to the youth culture that has kept their brand consistently relevant and cool with their latest campaign In My Chucks. The Chuck Taylor All Star in all its forms is one of the most recognisable and iconic shoe silhouettes of all time. They’re both fashionable and timeless, more of a wardrobe staple than a fleeting trend. For In My Chucks the brand has teamed up with several uniquely inspired young people from around the world who epitomise the spirit of Converse.

There are 7 collaborators in total, and we’re excited to see three South African creatives in the mix: surface designer Marina Uys, slam poet Lee Mokobe and entrepreneur Brian Sbusiso Mokhachane.

ACCENT IN MY CHUCKS Slam poet Lee Mokobe has already given his own TED Talk, a powerful piece of poetry surrounding his experience of growing up trans. Lee has founded an organisation called Vocal Revolutionaries, a youth literary arts organisation who provide mentorship and guidance to young people in the form of performance, poetry, music and drama workshops.

ENLIGHT IN MY CHUCKS Marina Uys is a surface designer who found her niche in creating felt jewellery inspired by the Ndebele tribe. Her pieces are described as ‘wearable works of art’ and are made by her company Afrigarde, who trains women who live in poverty to learn high-end jewellery-making skills as a form of empowerment through employment.

CREATE IN MY CHUCKS Brian Mokhachane had a drive to create but had no resources. Our of frustration he began making his own resources: using old newspapers to make canvases, up-cycling old office supplies to make sketch pads, and using discarded materials to make bags. He credits curiosity and passion for his entrepreneurial success and now runs SoulArt Foundation, where he teaches young creatives in townships how to sew and how to make their own paper.

In My Chucks brings together authentic and unique young people, who the brand acknowledge as a vital part of their brand’s presence in youth culture. You can also join the campaign by making your own frame sharing what you do in your Chucks, plus check out the other young influencers featured.