Think armfuls of flowers with a burst of sweetness – that’s the dynamic and spontaneous KENZO WORLD, now available in a silky mist that does it all: enhances, hydrates, perfumes. It’s bold and surprising – just like the incredible video that goes with it:

The fragrance of KENZO fashion

KENZO WORLD is a fragrance unlike any other. This is a different way of wearing perfume, an innovative and silky step for all skin types. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, House of KENZO’s creative directors, have breathed their fashion vision into their first fragrance. It’s a scent in their image – bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colourful.

‘The KENZO woman is firmly rooted in the present. She likes movement, speed… The way things move, change and collide.’ – Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

A unique texture with a velvety finish

KENZO WORLD is ultra-light, non-greasy and hydrating. A cloud of scent settles on the skin in ultra-fine droplets with intoxicating aromas of Egyptian Jasmine and Ambroxan. The mist recreates the feeling of a soft touch on the skin, revealing a radiant perfume.