As the year draws to a close, all the hard work may be taking its toll on your body and your mind. Dry skin and a deep sense of tiredness are familiar year-end feelings for us all – but you can get your energy and zing back in time for the holidays.

Simple pleasures and small creative time-outs can create moments of regeneration. Colouring books have had a renaissance recently as they offer the chance to be creative in a way that isn’t intimidating and is unlikely to produce a disappointing result. Medical Daily has reported that the focus and repetition required for colouring help colourists to stay in the moment. This creates a state of mind similar to meditation and mindfulness and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

The L’OCCITANE colouring book in our December issue offers a chance to rest your mind, and by sharing a completed, coloured-in page with us you could win a hamper full of luxe products that will be good for your body, too! The L’OCCITANE en Provence Verbena bath and body care range will take you straight to the fields of provincial France in summer, while reviving your skin with their lemony freshness.

Start colouring and submit your entry by sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @MarieClaireSA, using the hashtags #MCxLOccitane and #lovecolouring.