Nomzamo Mbatha bounced into the studio at the end of a long day. Her energy is infectious, and very quickly the Naked Issue creative team’s flagging energy levels were restored. When you meet Nomzamo, it’s clear why she’s become a star, travelling the world and sharing her loveliness. If there was any doubt about her career trajectory, her 2015 role in director Akin Omotoso’s romantic comedy Tell Me Something cemented her stardom. She is charming, engaging and shows interest in everyone and everything around her.

In front of the camera, Nomzamo admits that she was awkward at first. ‘Knowing that my flaws were out there for other eyes to see… But the set was amazing,’ she says.  She was soon at ease and found ‘liberation in embracing the skin I was born in because it really is me in my most bare form. It got me thinking how, as public figures, we often use the term, “I bare myself to the public”. This was an experience of literally baring myself, NAKED, to the public.’

It was a challenge she was willing to be part of. ‘It takes courage for a human being to strip and be vulnerable.’

Nomzamo believes that for change to happen, our efforts need not be big. ‘Sometimes, it’s even the smallest things we do that make a change in a person’s life. Empowering others doesn’t have to be through financial means but can come about by giving our time and lending a hand. I believe in giving back and literally being the change that I want to see in the world.’

Nomzamo supports Baphumelele in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, which is a safe haven that takes care of orphaned children and young adults who have chronic diseases.

She says that, ‘HIV/AIDS awareness is very near and dear to my heart as it is a pandemic that we continue to fight globally – especially on this continent and this country. In 2015, I worked closely with HIVSA and CHOMA, which are pioneers in the fight against the disease. We also hosted Victoria Beckham on her visit to SA as a UNAIDS ambassador. I believe Baphumelele have done an incredible job at taking care of the kids and ensuring that the gap is filled and joy is restored.’

To donate an amount of your choice to Baphumelele, use the Snapscan app to scan the QR code below.

Or if you’re on mobile, click to donate:

Don’t have snapscan? SMS Nomzamo to 38049 and donate R10 as many times as you like.


Hair: Saadique Ryklief

Make-up: Liz van der Merwe at Red Hot Ops