This is just brilliantly hilarious! Someone actually created a blog, using Ryan Gosling as a traffic driver. The blog cleverly uses images of Ryan Gosling and pairs it with funny feminist quotes. The blog is a fresh and cool way to  give a nod to women’s rights using the actor’s infamous “Hey Girl” meme. Feminist Ryan Gosling blog, which was only created last Friday, completely blew-up practically overnight.

The blog’s author points out that he or she has “no idea if Ryan Gosling is actually a feminist,” but the sexy actor, The Notebook actor has made some feminist remarks in the past. Last year he received praise from Ms. Magazine for his forward-thinking attitude about how women are depicted on the big screen. For example, when women are shown giving oral sex to men on screen it is usually rated less harshly than when women are shown receiving oral sex. I think this is really a cool way to think and talk about women’s rights and gender issues, keeping it fun, yet sparking some interest in gender issues.