Über famous androgynous runway model, Bosnian-born 20-year-old Andrej Pejic, admits that it’s not that easy to fit in with the girls in the fashion world. Of course he’s getting a lot of great campaigns and being featured in multiple glossy mags (like ours, October 2011, ‘Pushing The Identity Boundaries: Fashion’s Extraordinary New Faces’, pg. 76). Yet, it’s not all fun and games in the world of fashion.

In a recent interview with Grazia magazine, he said: ‘Let’s be honest. You can’t eat much if you want to do this. To do womenswear I have to be disciplined. My waist has gone from 29 to 25 inches, my hips are 35 inches.’ He does this in order to compete at the same level as the rest of the female models. Female models  also get paid a lot more than male models. He said he’s not really sure how the female models feel about him modelling womenswear, saying that they are all very…well, competitive (usually code for catty/bitchy). It seems that irrespective of how you were born, whose clothes you model, and whether the clothes were originally intended for men or women, being skinny is mandatory for anyone wanting to be successful in the super competitive world of fashion, and this is not about to change soon.