In our February issue we take a look at what happens to a Playboy bunny once she has to hang up her tail (page 31). Playboy bunnies are world-renowned for their beauty and posing for Playboy can bring international fame to an unknown girl. But what happens when a celebrity goes nude? Here we take a look at some of the celebrities who have dared to go bare:

Marilyn Monroe

The first issue of Playboy in December 1953 featured Miss Monroe as star and centrefold. The cover caused outrage, with some people stating that it legitimised nudity by embodying it in arguably the most famous woman in America. She may have come to a tragic end but the cover only increased her fame.


Although she appeared on the September 1985 cover, the nude photos that were featured were taken in 1978 when she was struggling to make money. Instead of apologising, however, Madonna remained defiant and embraced these images. It definitely added to Madonna’s controversial reputation and given that the ‘Like a Virgin’ star is still going strong almost 30 years later, we judge this to have been a good career move.

Charlize Theron

Our very own Charlize Theron was featured on the cover of the May 1999 issue. The nude photos were published without her permission and were apparently intended for private use only. Although Charlize unsuccessfully tried to sue Hugh Hefner, we don’t think the pictures harmed her reputation too much as she later went on to win an Oscar and gain international stardom.

Drew Barrymore

The January 1995 edition featured Drew Barrymore on its cover. Although she is a serious actress today, Drew had a troubled childhood and visited rehab several times in her teens. Using the cover to separate her from her child-star image was possibly a wise move, as her career has since gone from strength to strength.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson appeared in Playboy a record 12 times. Posing for the magazine has almost become the career of the former Baywatch star because she has failed to score any noteworthy acting roles.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards proved that she is a hot mama by baring it all for the December 2004 issue, just five months after she gave birth.

Kim Kardashian

Claiming that she didn’t do it for the cash but in order to show women all over the world what a ‘normal’ body looks like, Kim’s cover was another smart move on her rise to being famous for being famous.

Lindsay Lohan

The starlet tried to relaunch her career and make some quick cash by posing for the January/February 2012 issue. Unfortunately, Lindsay is still as troubled as ever, and the move does not seem to have been quite the revamp she hoped it would be.

Michelle Hattingh, CT Intern