‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is an axiom that, it seems, is impossible to put into practice – especially when it comes to women.

Why judge a woman on what she can do or what she says when you comment on the superficial instead? This has been seen from tennis pros Serena and Venus Williams, and the constant commentary on their outfits, to Hillary Clinton and snarky asides on her make-up (or lack thereof). Now USA Olympian gymnast Gabby Douglas is the latest victim of pointless physical commentary. Never mind that she’s sixteen, or that she won a gold medal: what Twitter and Facebook flared with were comments on the slight frizz in her hair after her event.

How can your hair NOT frizz after all of this?

As Jezebel pointed out searching for ‘Gabby Douglas Hair’ on Twitter yields a disturbing amount of results – people couldn’t stop talking about how the young medal-winner needs a comb.

Let’s just take a moment to remember that aside from the pointlessness of hair commentary in general (should we care what Michelle Obama’s locks are doing?), when one is doing intense athletics, one tends to sweat. And hair to frizz.

With all that being said (with great vehemence) I must confess that I have skipped work-outs on days where a) my hair looks AMAZING or b) I don’t want to re-do my hair before I go out. Since the August magazine is the hair issue, I have to ask – do you do the same?

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