A brilliant new film, by documentary filmmaker, Lee Hirsh is set to be released soon in the U.S. The film follows five children, as they fight their way through day-to-day bullying at school. The whole point of the film was, however, defeated when the film received an R rating. This means no child under 17 would be allowed to view the film without adult supervision. This naturally made the director furious.

“To say that I am disappointed and distressed would be a grave understatement,” said Hirsch. “It is my great hope that Bully reaches the audience for whom it was made: kids, the bullied and the bullies and the 80 percent of kids who can make the most impact by becoming upstanders rather than bystanders.”

Hopefully parents will still be taking their children to see this film, especially in the States where bullying almost borders on sociopathic. Can’t wait to watch it.