On the outskirts of Stellenbosch you’ll find Lanzerac Wine Estate. Known for their fantastic wine, hotel & restaurant and as a gorgeous wedding venue, their Spa & Wellness facilities are just as amazing. Upon arrival you are greeted with a smile, as they submerge your winter feet into a comforting bowl filled with warm water for a few minutes. A great start. They dry your feet and place white terry cloth slippers on them. Then they lead you down a corridor lined with candles. This really gets you in the mood to relax. 

I had the Swedish full-body massage, which I must say was one of the most relaxing things I’ve ever done. The therapists are so lovely and caring. They create a very Zen environment, that is the moody lighting in the room, the music and the fantastic smells which surround you. This particular massage lasts for an hour, yet it felt more like two or three hours.

This is perfect for couples or perhaps a mother and daughter. You get to lie next to each other in the room, which makes the experience together so much more memorable.

Be sure to pay them a visit this winter. One needs to escape every now and again!

Visit their site for more on the different treatments they have on offer.