In this month’s issue we take a look at a new extreme diet, which requires you to wear a nasogastric tube for 10 days – up your nose. Read about her journey to weight loss on page 66. Here are some other extreme diets:

The Baby Food Diet

Fancy eating pureed vegetables, meats, and mashed fruits? These are typical foods for babies without teeth, but at some point it was the hottest celebrity weight-loss trend. How does it work? Basically, baby food replaces one or more of your meals every day.  Celebrity personal trainer, Tracy Anderson came up with this silly diet, which of course faded faster than it became popular.

The Tapeworm Diet

Despite the health risks, like the tapeworm deviating into other parts of your body – other than your stomach – the tapeworm is said to help reduce any calories you take in. It sucks half of the food that you eat. You can either pop a pill with a tapeworm in it or eat raw meat.

The Cabbage Diet

This 7-day fad diet promises a weight loss of 4.5kg. How does it work? You have to consume excessive amounts of cabbage soup, basically. Some celebrities like Jaime Pressly still swear by it.

The Grapefruit Diet

This diet has been around since the 1930’s and it seems to have stood the test of time. You’re supposed to eat half a grapefruit before a meal – the diet does not specify the quantity of your meal, how healthy the meal should be or how many times a day you should eat. Its only claim to fame is the fact that grapefruit contains enzymes that help speed up the way your body burns fat.

The Slimming Soap Diet

One good thing about this diet is that it doesn’t require you to eat specific food or restrict your daily diet in any way. Made from elixir of sea plants, which apparently contain agents that will penetrate the subcutaneous layer of your skin, that will eliminate fat layers. This soap has been around since 1924, but we are definitely not convinced.


Sibulele Sikuni, CT intern