Since it is breast cancer awareness month, this series of large-scale portraits of young breast cancer survivors are a great way to celebrate these women’s courage. Having also seen my mom battle with breast cancer, the one thing I know is how painful breast cancer is on all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally. The series, exhibited in NYC, was shot by fashion photographer David Jay, for an amazing project,  The SCAR Project. Visit their site for more info on the project and to view more pictures of these brave women.

“An incredibly moving and thought provoking work.”
-Psychology Today

“A visual world few have seen where grace, guts, pain, and femininity all cross paths to expose a deeply moving side of humanity.”

 “An amazing testament to strength, courage and inner beauty that transcends society’s standards of outer beauty. Seriously, brilliant.”
– Tina Carroll

 “Through his photographs, David Jay shows (finally!) the true reality of cancer.”
-Le Post France