Fat? Sorry what? I’m sure if you ask most people, not just guys, they will say model, Kate Upton is super hot. Now the Skinny blog (skinygossip.com) is calling her fat, saying she has horrible body definition and saggy breasts. I’m sorry but these kind of thinspo bloggers are really ridiculous. To have issues with Kate Upton’s body, is to have issues with most people’s bodies. Kate will soon cover the first issue of ex French Vogue ed, Carine Roitfeld’s new high-end fashion mag, CR, which makes me think that Kate is the future of modelling. This is definitely a great thing, since Kate has said that she’s not willing to starve herself for the fashion industry. She just wants to be herself. Which in my opinion, is fabulous.

I love the Young Turks. Check out their cool analysis here: